Welcome to Ricordanza!

Ricodanza English Cocker Spaniels began way back in 1980 when, for a wedding present, my husband gave me a little blue roan girl who eventually became

CH Springfield Ricordanza CD

“Dancer” was followed by a blue roan and tan girl, Darcy Langsam Getragen, or “Greta,” as we called her. She was followed by “Lad,” a liver roan boy, who eventually became CH Aberdeen’s Highland Tweed CD. Throughout the years we have added many more, only breeding one litter from Dancer and Lad. We kept two girls, blue roan Dottie and liver roan Coquette. Both girls went on to get their CD titles and Dottie won 2 championship points. Our first and only litter contained blue roans and liver roans.

Fast forward to 2019 when another English cocker friend showed me some pictures of several solid liver puppies from two litters in Poland. We each decided to import one, a boy for me and a girl for her from the two related litters. Our plans were to breed the two, producing rare solid liver English cockers in the US. Our plans fell through when the DNA tests came back as both were carriers for AON. So, Zulus was bred to her AON Clear girl Juno (black and tan), and that breeding produced a red and 3 black puppies. I decided to keep the black boy, and his name is Rory. Rory tested Clear for AON. We may try to produce another litter, again hoping for livers. We are awaiting the DNA tests to see if Rory carries for liver, and since there are some tan points behind him, we could possibly get black and tan and liver and tan.

Please check back as I will have entered all the other dogs we have had in the 41 years we have had this breed.

We strive to keep our English cockers active in both conformation and dog sports. Over the years we have earned many agility, tracking, obedience and rally titles and have just started to try barn hunt, scent work, and fast cat.

Our tally: 6 CDs; 6 TDs; 1 TDX; 8 RNs; 3 RIs; 2 RAs; 2 REs; 2 RAEs; 1 each RAE2 RAE3 RAE4. Our Agility titles are from NADAC and CPE, and so far we have one dog who has made it to the Senior Barn Hunt level with two more legs to go to that title. We have one dog with a Scent Work Novice containers and have started Novice Interiors with one leg. Two dogs have begun their Fast Cat careers with one already obtaining his FCAT2. We participate in AKC events mostly, but have two dogs who tried Rally O in UKC and earned their RO1 titles.

Everyone of our dogs were acquired for the conformation ring, many didn’t turn out, but they stayed on and did performance and companion sports instead. We have finished 3 champions and put points on several others. We thank the many breeders who trusted us with their beloved puppies, all have lived out their lives here at Ricordanza.

We, at Ricordanza, believe that English cockers can do many things and they love doing them. We haven’t found one that just wants to sit at home on the couch, they like to work. Although, if you ask them to just hang out on the couch, they will do so willingly!