1992 Beloit, Wi. – Precedence was set today when the blue roan Olde Spice Windjammer Sport wagged his tail and told his manager Casey from now on he would be a free agent.  Manager Casey couldn’t help but bite the sportsfan on the ear and cause him to yelp.  “It has been a hard week, what with my teeth coming in so painful, and you off with Mollie trying to get frisky with her.  You left me the whole week alone with nothing but old bones to play with. I also had to endure a thorough combing to start getting ready for the coming season,” complained Mr. Windjammer.

The season gets under way on December 6 in Chicago.  At the plate will be rookie Sport Windjammer.  Sport Windjammer has risen from the Puppy League a star player.  His manager, Casey Daredevil said he was looking forward to the heights this sportsfan could take the team.

(Sport turned 6 months and was eligible to show in conformation.)

The Sport takes the team to victory. Saturday, at the day-long ordeal of a benched show, Chicago International, Sport Windjammer did his team proud by winning first place and getting the prized calendar from Purina.

(After a grueling trip in to the big city, Sport had all he could do to keep awake as he sat on the bench all day except for his 15 minutes of fame in the ring in the afternoon.  The grueling trip into the city the next day did our sportsfan in and he was in last place on Sunday.)

It was a long weekend for such a little puppy.

Sport Windjammer finally to grow up on Wednesday.

Sport Windjammer got his last shot at the puppy championship yesterday and today in Illinois.  On Saturday he took best puppy and got the green ribbon.  Manager Casey said “it would have been a perfect day if Sport Windjammer would have helped other members of the team get first place.  It is a good thing that Sport is growing up, and the responsibility shifts to him alone.” “I was happy managing him, except he always tried to steal the show,” complained Manager Casey, when asked what he thought about the Sportsfan’s career so far.

(Casey was entered but did not get 1st place under a judge who liked him before.)

Rally-On Sport

Saturday, at the first ever Rally-O match, Sport Windjammer easily took the lead and took his team to first place.  In the first round Windjammer started out losing points on a sniff technicality, but made up for it with no faults on the following 4 obstacles.  Team mate Mollie Malooly complained that the sportsfan took all of her glory, “I did better than he on my first round and only lost points on the recall.”  Malooly  did indeed loose 10 points for sitting on the job.

Manager Casey, who competed in the top level, said he wasn’t able to finish his second round because he was eliminated at the top of the course.

(Mollie sat when she was not supposed to and lost points.  Casey had an “accident” in the ring.)

Rally Two

The first competitions of the year saw Mollie Malooly in first place at the start, Sport Windjammer in second and Casey Daredevil in third place.  The team’s first weekend at the Rally was a smashing success, despite the cold weather and the long drive.  Windjammer also tried his paw at obedience but the sniffing door was way too powerful for the sportsfan.  “I knew he would fail on account of his nose,” quipped Manager Casey, “that boy can’t keep it off the ground.  You’d think he was related to the Malooly.”  Mollie Malooly immediately, and proudly, said, “He is! We are spitting images of our grandfather.”  The second weekend round of Rally saw Malooly in first place, Windjammer in second and Casey Daredevil in third place.

Our standing at AKC with the new Rally titles: Mollie was the third English cocker to get a Rally title, Sport was fourth and Casey was fifth.  Another club had two trials on January 1, so two other ECs got their titles before we did.  We did, however, have the most Rally titled ECs for a long time.

Malooly announces her retirement

On the fourth day of the Rally, Mollie Malooly announced her retirement.  “I will finally be done with all of the baths, combing and practice.  I can go on to other things, I will finally have time to sit down with a choice bone.”

In the meantime Sport Windjammer and Manager Casey are looking forward to the coming season.  “I’m teaching the sportsfan all I know about tracking.  He’s sure to be a winner there.” Explained Casey Daredevil.  “Windjammer found several gloves last winter, so we will be looking for the one that has the prize.”  Sport Windjammer had no comment, his nose was to the ground.

One Sniff was all it took

Sport Windjammer got lucky today and sniffed his way to the prize glove.  “I couldn’t see what he was doing, but I could feel it in the air,” said Manager Casey. “He learned it all from me.”  Casey Daredevil plans to enter the field next.  When asked about Mr. Daredevil’s future attempts at finding the prized glove, Sport Windjammer had this to say: “He learned it all from me.  I’ve been teaching him for several weeks the proper form and nosework to sniff out that prize glove.  I hope he follows my lead.”

(Sport earned his TD. At the beginning of May and Casey earned his at the end of May 2005.)

Team Orange Triple Titles in Tracking

Mollie Malooly beamed as she introduced her team members with new titles in tracking.  In her speech to the crowd she claimed “They learned it all from me, the original tracking dog at Team Orange.  When asked about the future of her two entourages, Ms. Malooly said “The sportsfan will go on, if it is the last thing that I do.  He has talent, and it is all in his nose.  I have been teaching him all summer about tracking on any surface and he has soaked it all up.  As for Manager Casey, he will have to teach himself, I’m done with him.  When I growl and bark out the orders, he won’t even look at me.

(Every time Mollie got mad at Casey, he would look away, as if she didn’t exist.)

Rally Three.

Sport Windjammer completed level two at the Rally today.  He was all aglow, but the others at Team Orange knew his nose was up to no good.  The sportsfan would not divulge the scores, he only said his try at the rally was successful.

(Sport earned his Rally Advanced title.)

Malooly Leaves Team Orange.

Sport Windjammer and Casey Daredevil announced today that Mollie Malooly has left Team Orange to become permanently retired.  Reports are that she went to live with her sister Maple and friend Lad in the Highlands.  She will finally be able to complete several projects she and her sister started several years ago.  Ms. Malooly could not be reached for comment.

(Mollie died from a liver tumor.)

Windjammer Leader of the Pack

Sport Windjammer announced today that he has made it through the final round of Rally and ventured into the Rally Advanced Excellent League.

(Sport earned his Rally Excellent title.)

Windjammer’s Nose Takes a Medal

Sport Windjammer put his nose to the ground and found the missing hat, sock, dickey, and glove to win the top medal in the Tracking Dog Excellent test at his favorite haunt, Rock Cut State Park.  Manager Casey, burly as ever, commented beforehand that, “the Sportsfan will fail for sure.  He hasn’t done this much and he’s never ready to use his nose.”  But the Sportsfan proved the Daredevil wrong.  “The Daredevil is just jealous, he knows he would crash into a tree if he tried this. I can do this, and do it well.  I’ll show that Daredevil guy.”

Without the Malooly to guide him, he was  still successful, dedicating all his hard work to the Malooly, whose birthday was today.  “I heard from the Miss, and she is doing well in the Highlands, where she has also located the Ricordanza clan.  They spend their time reminiscing about their sports records.

Team Standings

Dancer X X
Lad X X
Co X X
Dot 2 X C
Maple X X X
Mollie 2 X X X
Casey 7 X X
Sport X X X 4 X X


(Sport earned his TDX on Mollie’s birthday.  Casey has PRA and cannot see very well anymore.  When he is tracking he bumps into trees.  Greta is the only one who tried but couldn’t do anything about earning titles.  She was a great pet dog and a great surrogate mother to Dancer’s puppies while Dancer was out with handlers to get her Championship.)

Team Orange Announces Plans to Add A New Team Member

Team Orange announced today that a new team member is on the way.  “We don’t know when the new member will arrive, but this new one will be in training right away and will be ready to join Team Orange in about two months.” Manager Casey will ease the new team member into the lineup, a job formerly delegated to the Malooly.  Miss Malooly is sending the new player, reportedly to be the spitting image of her sister Maple. The Sportsfan commented, “we have high hopes for this new member of Team Orange, I hope I don’t get pushed to the sidelines if this one is better at this than I am.  I hope to be the trainer, thereby pushing the Daredevil to the sidelines.”  There is no news yet if this new team member will carry on the team colors, or will be a misfit like the Sportsfan.

Another RAE Leg for the Sportsfan

Team Orange announced today that Sport Windjammer advanced one more step towards the grand champion Rally award.  After several attempts, the Sportsfan finally made it through the obstacle course successfully.   When asked about the failed attempts, the Sportsfan said “I have been working extra hard at nose practice and it has affected my Rally performance.”  Manager Casey announced that the sportsfan will go through rigorous retraining to help with the Rally scores but not at the expense of the nose training.  The main goal of the sportsfan at this time is the Tracking Championship next year.  “Our new teammate will take on the Rally challenge when she arrives.”  Thus announcing that the new team member will be a female.  Still under wraps is whether she will carry the team colors.

(Sport went through a few months of rally trouble, he just sniffed a lot in the ring and nq’d several times.  He finally came out of it and then had many qualifying legs in a row.  We were promised a puppy but didn’t know which one yet.)

New Team Member for Team Orange Declared a Misfit.

The new team member for Team Orange was unveiled today.  The young blue roan and tan miss will wear Team Jersey number 10.  No additional information about the miss was released but inside information informed this sports page that she has large feet and is already working on the Rally she will be expected to begin in December.  When asked about the new teammate, the Sportsfan and the Daredevil were silent.

(Libby was not the orange roan I hoped Joan would choose for us.)

Teammate Libby to debut in Chicago

Number 10, otherwise known as Libby will debut from the Puppy Leagues at the Rosemont show in December.  Sport Windjammer will accompany the new miss and compete for more Rally points.  When asked how she likes her new team, Miss Libby said “I like them well enough.  The one they call the Daredevil is a real sweetheart.  He lets me get away with everything.  I am not so sure about that shy one, Mr. Sport Windjammer.  He seems so sweet, but sometimes he is mischievous, like me!”  Plans are under way to get Miss Libby ready for the December Rallies and her training has begun.  “My plans are to enter her in the Rally Novice so she can get started on earning titles for Team Orange.  She will then show her stuff in the beauty contest and start garnering points for Team Orange there, too,” said Manager Casey.  “My mom’s good in agility, so I wanted to start there, but the Daredevil guy has these other ideas.  The Sportsfan is silent on all fronts.  I never know what he is thinking,” said Miss Libby.

Team Orange Celebrates Victory

Windjammer advanced two more steps towards the RAE.  He needs one more to put the RAE patch on his jersey.  The Daredevil smiled as he announced the results of the Ixonia weekend at the top of the year.  “The Windjammer, one of nine RE in the breed in 2005 will become one of a handful of RAEs in the breed in 2007.  Miss Libby, 7 months old, also competed in Oshkosh the next weekend and won two legs for the RN.  She is becoming our Rally champ.”  Mr. Windjammer had this to say, “I taught the Lib all of her rally moves, including the now famous leash fly, where she flies to the end of her leash.  I will be getting her ready for that last leg in February.  She will do me proud.”  Manager Daredevil, who retired from the rally ring announced the year’s plans for Team Orange.

Sport X X X
Casey X
Libby X X

On the agility front both Windjammer and Daredevil hope to complete the Tunnel Novice and the Mr. Sport will finish Touch and Go.

Windjammer Wins Rally Championship

Mr. Windjammer got to the end of the final round of Rally Double-Qs and became an RAE today.  It was very cold outside but the Windjammer braved the cold and got the scores.

Further Victories for Team Orange

Team Orange announced today that the newest member, Miss Libby Blue, won the Rally Novice Championship at the Saturday Lakeland trial.  Pictures were taken but Miss Blue said they were bad so she did not order one.  “None of the rest of us got pictures of our championship wins, so why should she?” quipped Mr. Windjammer.  Sport Windjammer also won two legs toward his second round of double-q’s.  He announced that he plans to finish up this second round at the English Cocker Spaniel Club of America’s National Specialty in May, thus earning the coveted rosette.

(The ECSCA was offering a big rosette for any titles completed at the specialty.)

New Touch and Go Title a Hit with Team Orange

Both Messrs. Daredevil and Windjammer entered the NADAC trials in Tunnelers and The Windjammer tried for the third leg in Touch and Go. “Tunnelers did not go as well as we hoped, the course was faulty.  Not enough time for the distance set out by the judge in all three rounds.  However, in Touch and Go, Mr. Windjammer was a hit.  He sent his handler flying to a face plant and still qualified for the third leg and the title,” reported manager Casey Daredevil.

(Sport ran in front of me during the run and in order to not step on him, I fell down when I tried to avoid him.  We qualified anyway.)

Sportsfan Wins Big

The 2007 National Specialty in Mr. Windjammer’s back yard, so to speak, was the site of the recent wins for the Windjammer.  In the Rally round of double Q’s Mr. Windjammer earned both Q’s and another leg towards the big Rally RAE2.  He won rosettes for both.  In the Excellent class, the Sportsfan also won a third place with his high score of 92.  On the Obedience front the Sportsfan earned the first of three legs needed for the coveted CD title.

(Sport was the only RAE at the national specialty.)

Another RAE Victory for Team Orange.

Today at the Rally trials in Ixonia the Sportsfan earned the last set of double Q’s to become the second RAE2 in the breed.  Coach Casey was beaming with pride and when asked how the Sportsfan was able to go this far, both Miss Libby and Mr. Daredevil exclaimed, “I taught him everything he knows!”

2007 Standings

S 1 X X


Miss Libby Starts Her Search for the Prize Glove.

Yesterday, Miss Libby Blue completed a practice track that was 45 minutes old and more than 400 yards long.  She will try for certification at the end of summer and start looking for the prized glove at the fall trials.  Miss Blue, a natural at tracking, had this to say, “I am planning to overtake the Sportsfan and get the prized number 4 article to become a Champion Tracker before he does.  I am ahead of schedule.  He was still in the whelping box when he was the same age as I am now.  I’m starting earlier than any other past or present or future at Team Orange.”  Shortly after this interview, the Malooly called to refute this statement made by Miss Libby.  Miss Malooly had to set the record straight.  She and her sister both started when they were two months old and had completed round one of tracking at one year for Maple and 10 months for the Malooly.  Miss Libby could not be reached for comment the rest of the day.

Miss Libby In Training for Agility

It was announced today that Miss Libby has been in training all summer for agility titles.  She has been working extra hard on the A-Frame and the Teeter.  She has developed several special agility moves to go along with her special rally moves.  Sport Windjammer exclaimed that “Miss Libby is more daring than that daredevil guy.  It scares me!” After a recent fly off the dog walk, the Miss apologized if she scared anyone. “But,” she said, “I’m am able to fly, so it is no problem.”

Miss Libby Certifiably Tracking Ready

Team Orange announced today that Miss Libby has been certified a tracking dog.  She is entered in early September and will go for the prized glove at that time. Both the Sportsfan and the Daredevil agreed that the Miss is really good at tracking and will probably outshine them.  They will be rooting for her if she can get into a test.

Team Orange to Add Player No. 11

Team Orange announced today that Willow, sister of Miss Libby, will be joining Team Orange on Sunday.  Miss Willow carries the team colors.  She already has graduated from the Puppy League where she garnered 2 points.  When asked how this came to be, Miss Libby said “she is the only one who can help Team Orange.  The Boys are letting us down.  Miss Willow will carry the team to victory!”  Apparently Miss Libby arranged for the trade and got Miss Willow on the team.

(Willow, Libby’s orange roan sister, the one I hoped Joan would choose for us, lost her home.  We agreed to take her.)

Tracking Dog Victory for Team Orange

Team Orange announced today that Miss Libby sniffed her way right to a work glove.  She found the sock start article at the first flag and from there she bee-lined to the work glove.  Her prizes were a “goody fanny pack” and a big green rosette.  The same day the Miss added the TD to her name, Willow, her sister, joined Team Orange.  Miss Willow is working in agility and will be the team’s first agility star.  She is also working for the Champion of Beauty and will continue as a member of Team Orange.

Event Sport Libby Willow
CH 2
CD 1


Sportsfan Stands on Two Legs

Manager Libby Blue announced today that the Sportsfan has earned another leg toward his CD degree. “The Sportsfan did such a great job on the “heel off lead” that he got a score of 180, a nice score for anyone on Team Orange.  We hope to raise the standards that Team Orange will aspire to in the future.  Sport Windjammer has mastered the most skills of any at Team Orange over the years.  His next venture is finishing up that Champion Tracker degree taking Team Orange to the highest level possible.” Coach Casey has been busy getting the Sportsfan in shape for the VST attempt at the end of September.

The same weekend, the Sportsfan won the first Double Q towards the RAE3.  “It’s going to be a long time to complete the RAE3 because there aren’t that many shows left this year that the Sportsfan will be entering,” said Coach Casey Daredevil.

Debuts to be Made This Weekend

Coach Casey Daredevil announced today that Team Orange will make a strong showing in Rally and obedience this weekend at the home club grounds.  Miss Willow will debut in Rally Novice.  After months of training, the miss is ready to compete.  “I’ll be the first in Team Orange to score 100 points,” said the Willow Miss.

The other miss, Libby, will try for a leg in Rally Advanced.  “I’ve been working really hard, so watch for me to bring in the team’s first score of 100.  My special Rally moves will impress the judge and make extra points for me.”

Both the Sportsfan and the Daredevil have cautioned the Miss about using the special rally moves she developed.  “Some judges might think they are illegal moves and take points off for them,” said the Sportsfan.  “I always play it safe and try not to use any special moves, except when the offset figure eight is used.  Then I have to make sure it is safe for the other dogs to go around the cones.”

The Sportsfan will be trying for leg number four of the RAE3, and the final leg of the CD.  “I’m pumped!” he exclaimed.

Team Orange a Success Story the First Time Out in 2008

Team Orange had a splash of success this weekend as three team members competed in 5 events.  Mr. Windjammer Sport competed in Rally Advanced B and Excellent B, qualifying in both.  His scores of 94 in Excellent and 84 in Advanced gave him a fourth leg towards the RAE3.  Miss Willow, competing in Rally Novice B, brought in 75 points.  She felt it was kind of a low score, but for the first time in the ring, she did okay.  The score put her in 3rd place in the class.  Manager Casey was very proud of her. As cautioned, Miss Libby’s special Rally moves did get her into trouble.  The judge excused her for her leash fly.  She forgot she did not have a leash on.  She was excused from the ring.

Finally on Saturday in the Novice B ring, Sport Windjammer earned a score of 173 for his 3rd leg and a new title of CD.  His score put him in 3rd place in the class.  Both placements won the recipients bags of Buddy Bones, tasty treats.


2008 Plans

Event Sport Libby Willow
RN X X 1
RAE3 4
CH 2


Sportsfan Does It Again!

The Sportsfan competed in the Rally Advanced Excellent Ring this past weekend and garnered a 4th place in Rally Excellent.  His score was 90. His other scores gave him two more legs for a total of 6 for the RAE3.

(With all of Sport’s Rally work and placements, he was in the top ten Rally English cockers many times.)

Two Legs to go.

At the Lakeland Trials near the Windjammer’s home, Mr. Windjammer braved the ice and snow and won two more RAE 3 legs.  That leaves him with two to go.  The Sportsfan said, “I’m confident I can win those last two legs in March and become the second RAE3 in the breed.  I am also gearing up for the tracking season where I will win the tracking championship and go on to glory.  Then I will start training the Misses Libby and Willow in their tracking careers and hope to have each win in their respective divisions by the end of the year.”  Casey Daredevil nodded in agreement and added, “I’ve already started the Lib on her TDX quest.  I won’t bother with the Willow, she is too noisy.”

Sport Gets Number Nine

Sport Windjammer was in the capitol city for RAE3 leg number 9.  He flew through the courses and received the two necessary legs.  Mr. Windjammer needs one more leg for the RAE 3.  His next show is in Racine next week.

Despite March Snowstorm, Windjammer Scores Again

Mr. Sport Windjammer braved the March blizzard and finished the RAE3 title in style at Racine today.  Despite going into the ring cold, with no walk-through, and thinking that a leash fly would impress the judge and help his score, the Windjammer earned the qualifying scores in the Rally Advanced Excellent classes to become the second RAE3 in the breed.  “I was happy there was another English Cocker, just starting the RAE, to whom I could show the ropes so he could learn how it’s done.” When asked why he decided to try a leash fly, Mr. Windjammer had this to say. “When I got into the ring, I realized my handler did not know the course, so I ran around reading the signs so I could help her.”  The next day, the Windjammer started garnering legs for the RAE4.

Team Orange Speeds through Agility

Today Team Orange completed agility titles in the CPE division.  Mr. Windjammer and Miss Libby Blue competed in various games with much success.   On Saturday both qualified in several games, Libby in Standard and Full House and Sport in two Jackpot runs.  All runs, even those that did not qualify garnered them first place each time.  On Sunday, the Libby Miss scored fast and high in Jumpers, also in first place, and Mr. Windjammer qualified in both Snookers rounds and Colors.  The team plans to send this team out to more CPE games to finish other titles.

Sportsfan Tries for the VST/CT. 

This Fall the Sportsfan has been attempting to find the Number 4 article.  Each time he has been unsuccessful or he has been an alternate.  Each time his nose has made the wrong decision.  At the Weim test the Mr. Sport found the delicious crab apples and let them divert his nose to the picnic tables where there might be some more food.  At the TCOW test a round planter spread the scent out and around and near a delicious bagel.  At Rand Park he made it through half of the track and found 3 of the 4 articles but made the wrong choice at the parking lot turn.  Near St Louis he made it through half and the wind brought the scent of the last article to his nose, way too soon.  There was still a building to go around. The Libby Miss has also tried for the TDX once and got to the second cross track and was led astray and could not get back to the track.

The Sportsfan Scores a Perfect Day.

In May, the Sportsfan competed in CPE agility and qualified 5 out of 5 for the award “The Perfect Day.” Trying for the “Perfect Weekend” award by having two perfect days in a row proved too much for the Sportsfan. On day two he did not score at all.

(In CPE the table stops the clock and the run is done.  At the start line Sport stayed until ready but when ready he ran to the table to stop the clock and get out of running the rest of the course. He did this 5 times that second day.)

Sport makes it all the way to RAE4.

The Sportsfan finished up his RAE 4, the second in the breed, and gathered 6 more legs for the RAE 5.

Miss Libby Rises to level 2 of Rally. Miss Libby competed in Advanced Rally and earned her title.

Miss Libby Makes it all the way to Level 3 in Rally. Miss Libby competed and won the Rally Excellent title.

It’s Official, Jersey Number 12 to be Filled Soon.

Coach Daredevil announced he would be sending number 12 to Team Orange next week. Daredevil, long retired coach, finally found someone to take his place on the team.  Windjammer is to become Coach and this new blue guy will be the next star. New Blue is a total “unknown” so the team will have a lot to do to train him. It has been almost 2 years since Coach Daredevil retired and the team has suffered for it.

It’s Official…Number 12 is here, all the way from Canada.

The new misfit at Team Orange is a blue named Leo. He will wear number 12 for the team. Already, he has learned to sit, shake and down.  Coach Windjammer is proud of the new team member and despite his Canadian accent, Sir Leo does understand his place on the team.


New Team Orange member Leo roared in obedience class. He didn’t like it that he had to follow coach Libby’s rules. Sir Leo is getting ready to try his paw at Rally Novice.  So far, he has had trouble with the down and finish parts.  Coach Libby keeps him on his toes with her rumble tactics, teaching him the fine points of leverage. “It’s frustrating, this Leo guy has such a puppy brain,” growls the Libby Miss. “The Sportsfan is no help in training this guy. And, I can’t understand that Canadian accent and all that roaring.” Coach Windjammer replied that he has nothing to do with Sir Leo, “he’s on his own since he pulled the water dish right out from under my nose.”

Sir Leo Graduates from Foundations Class.

Leo, number 12 at Team Orange, graduated from Foundations Class with honors. He didn’t win any of the competitions, but the compliments were high for his agility progress.

Number 12 out of the Puppy League.

Number 12 “The Roar” has left the puppy league and is now in the adult league. He never did anything in the puppy league, due to Miss Libby and Coach Sport keeping him from doing anything.

Sir Leo Starts his Rally Career.

Leo, Number 12, took to the specialty ring in Michigan. The first day he followed Miss Libby’s coaching tactics and did the leash fly. The second day, he followed his own ideas and won first place in Rally Novice. Both Beginner Novice tries were unsuccessful due to his extreme puppy brain malfunction.

Sportsfan to retire soon. The Sportsfan made it to 14 years old. He has retired from competition but he will stay on to coach the youngsters. “Since Libby and Willow are going to be 10, they are no longer considered youngsters, are they? I have some plans for both before they retire. They can’t get rid of me that quickly!”

Miss Libby Nears her first RAE. Miss Libby went all out in Rally Advanced and Excellent in Rockford and won High Combined both days, adding legs 5 and 6 and $40.00 to her coffers.

More Legs for The Libby Miss. Miss Libby competed in several Rally Trials and earned legs 7, 8, and 9. One more to go. When asked about her performance she quipped, “I am doing my best work ever. I even got a 4th place one of the runs, and I am 10 years old!”

Miss Libby, the newest RAE at Team Orange. Miss Libby made the final attempt at earning the RAE today in Menomonee Falls. She did it! While gathering her rosettes, she was asked if it was a new title and she said “yes.” That garnered her an additional blue and rainbow rosette.

Team Orange Tries a New Rally Venue—Success! Both Miss Libby and Sir Leo went to Ixonia for the Bark River Dog Club UKC Rally trials. Both were very successful. All 6 scores were in the upper 90s with most at 99 out of 100. “I should have shown what I can do on Saturday as well as Sunday but Windjammer thought Leo should be the only one to compete on Saturday,” quipped the Libby Miss.  Sir Leo came away with two legs of three needed for the RO1 Title. On Sunday, he finished the title and went one more round for fun. The Miss Libby, now nearly 11 years old, tried this new venue and got two scores of 99, including a 2nd place ribbon, two legs for this new title.

Miss Libby is now a URO1 along with Sir Leo.

Miss Libby competed in one trial the next weekend and finished her UKC Rally Novice title.

A Surprise While Waiting for Certificates

Looking online for new title announcements, Sir Leo came across the stats for the year and found he was in 2nd place in UKC Rally Novice. “I’d be in front of him, except my handler only listed me and didn’t fully register me,” quipped Miss Libby.

Milestone Celebration with Windjammer Sport

The Sportsfan celebrated his fifteenth birthday on June 4. He celebrated with special treats and a summer haircut.

When asked what constitutes his usual day, the Sportsfan said, “I get up in the morning and eat my breakfast, then I go outside. Mom reminds me to jump two steps every time. Sometimes I just want to jump one big jump, but then I usually fall down. After breakfast I toss and turn my bowl all over my crate making the most satisfying noise. Sometimes I fall asleep with my head in my bowl, sometimes I sit in the bowl. Mom tells me to not mistake my bowl for a hat. Then I sleep most of the day until supper when I wake up extremely hungry. Later, after supper, I go back to sleep until I wake up just before going to bed.”

Another Milestone for Team Orange

Both the Misses Libby and Willow turned 11 today. When asked what was next for them, Miss Willow replied, “I am going to go outside and run and bark.’ Miss Libby had other ideas in mind, “I want to do some more Rally, perhaps get the RAE2.”

The Roar makes the Rally Novice Championship. Leo, The Roar, competed in two trials over the weekend and earned the RN degree. His scores were 96 and 98.

He got the red, white and blue rosette for a new title. Miss Libby was a bit jealous as she is American and deserves red, white and blue and Leo is Canadian and only deserves red and white.

The Roar Starts the Advanced Career.

Leo, The Roar, earned one leg for the Rally Advanced championship in Menomonee Falls at their first trial. At the second trial Mr. Leo turned into a roaring comedian and failed. He was the day’s entertainment.

Windjammer Sport Joins Coach Casey After the Solar Eclipse.  August 21, 2017, 15-year old Sport joined brother Casey at 3:38 in the afternoon. This is the final edition of the Sports Page.


The Roar is becoming a sniffing Champion.

Leo, The Roar, started working his nose in Scent Work. He competed in Cudahy and sniffed his way to two legs in Container and one leg in Interior. He didn’t roar but got down to business and found the scent.

The Roar Finds Rats.

Leo, The Roar, went to the Barn Hunt. He passed one instinct test and then went on to Novice to find the Rats in three trials. He got a third place and two firsts. He also was the fastest Novice dog and won a rat toy. And, he got a new title ribbon.


Event Leo, The Roar
RA 1
RI 1


Leo Goes on a Long Trip Leo, The Roar, went on a week-long trip to the north. First he helped with the national English cocker tracking test. He cheered on the participants and made sure the ticks didn’t get mom. Then they traveled to Minnetonka to three agility trials. He got a bit of the zoomies but did nicely on the courses even doing the weave poles and some great distance running. The third part of the trip was to St. Cloud to the obedience and rally rings where he was good up until the sit-stay where he got up and returned to mom. Then he tried to run out of the ring during the recall, both times. Rally was also a disaster with the courses starting right at the open gate.

The Roar is designated a Sniffing Machine

Sir Leo braved the heat and went to the Scent Work trials in Cudahy where he sniffed his way to the final leg of the container title. It was too hot so he went home early.

One Step Back in Rally

The Roar went backwards in Rally, because he is now allowed, and got his first leg in Rally Intermediate. He decided he needed more time on the leash before he completes the Advanced title. He got a fourth place ribbon and a skunk toy.

More Rats

Mr. Leo went to the September Barn Hunt and won two legs for his Open Barn Hunt title. He sniffed out 8 Rats but was only successful in two trials. He got a first place ribbon and was very close to being the fastest Open Ratter.

Another Rally Title for “The Roar”

Sir Leo went to two more Rally Trials and completed the Rally Intermediate title. Miss Libby was very proud. Lamb Lung all around!

Even More Rats! The Roar went to another Barn Hunt in March and found all the rats. He earned his Open title and had loads of fun.

2019 standings for The Roar

Event Leo, The Roar
RA 1





Another New Title for “The Roar.”

Sir Leo went to some classes and earned his Canine Good Citizen title. He had to do some very difficult exercises such as the “Meet and Greet” where he had to get close to the other dogs. He made it through.

Speed Records set by “The Roar.”

Leo went to the FASTCAT tests in Waukesha. He was sort of fast for his initial run and had a sniff hiccup for a speed of 9 MPH. The second run he clocked in at 19 MPH. From there he went to Fond Du Lac for 4 runs and was over 20 MPH for each, garnering 166 points. He earned the BCAT for the first 150 points. He was overheard joking with a friend that “the FASTCAT is a race where you put a cat in the fenced lane and try to catch it.” He will be in 7th place for English cockers in the AKC standings when his speeds are recorded.

The Roar in the top ten fast Engies

Leo, The Roar made it to the top ten fast English cockers, in fact he is in 9th place with his average of 20.66 MPH. A little bitch creeped ahead of him after he was in a tie for 9th place. He is thinking of getting more points and making it to the DCAT levels.

The Roar and The Rats

The Roar went again to the barn hunts and got two qualifying scores for the RATOX. He needs ten Q’s and now he has 3. He also was the fastest Open B dog in one trial.

That Roar is Fast!

The Roar went to four more FastCat runs in the dead of winter and earned more points. He now has 280 points of the 500 he needs for the DCAT title. The snow, mud and ice did not deter.

New Team Member Might be Joining Team Orange. And rumors have it the new member will not be orange, again. Solid liver is in the running.

It’s Official

New team member, wearing the solid liver jersey number 13, will arrive from Poland on December 19. He has tail, but will soon lose it. His half-sister lives in Green Bay area.

New Team Member Arrives

Number 13, again a misfit for Team Orange, arrived from Poland on December 20, his 4-month birthday. The Roar was happy to meet up with the new teammate and found he is a good match for the team. He weighed in at 16.8 pounds so he will be big and strong like The Roar. Team members Miss Libby and Miss Willow were non-plussed and went about their business as usual. Team mascots Kit and Sprite were very worried they would be left out, but they came around when it was time to eat.

Number 13 Name Revealed.

Team Orange member number 13 has a name. He goes by Zulus. We don’t know what it means.

Zulus Settles In

Team member Zulus, has settled in and is learning the ropes. He can sit, down, shake and ring a bell. Miss Libby is teaching him lots about life and death…on Team Orange.

(Miss Libby left us for the Rainbow Bridge on January 15, 2020 at about 3:40 p.m. She was 13 ½ years old. We hope Zulus had enough time to learn from her.)

Tootsie Roll

Zulus got a snood for his ears. He is gearing up for the conformation ring. Mom made the snood out of Tootsie Roll fabric. He looks cute.

How Fast Can That Guy Go?

The Roar competed again at the Fast Cat trials. He had his fastest speed yet-9.7 seconds for the 100-yard dash! That computes to 21.087 MPH. Right now he sits at 405.47 points of the 500 needed to earn the DCAT!

Go Roar, Go!

“Eat My Dust’” says The Roar!

Fourth of July weekend saw The Roar once again running fast. He went even faster, more than 23 MPH! to add to the totals and earn the DCAT on Sunday.

More News From the Speed Demon, Leo. Leo went to several more Fast Cats and is now only 7 runs away from the FCAT, 1000 points.

Zulus takes First Prize Zulus, brown member of Team Orange, won two first places at the Racine and Cudahy Kennel Club shows just prior to his 1 year birthday. He also garnered 2 points toward his Puppy Of Achievement Award, which means nothing since he is no longer a puppy.

Rats for the Brown Boy. Zulus went to his first barn hunt and passed the Instinct Test and one Novice Test. He was a good boy.

First Place Times 4 for ZULUS! Zulus went to the JBKC/Elgin KC shows and got 4 first places and three reserves. He was a good boy and the judges were great!

The Roar Hits Top Speed

The Roar finished the FCAT’s 1000 points with 1.03 points to spare. His final 6 runs this year were all over 22 MPH.

ZULUS a New Daddy. Mr. Z had a date at Thanksgiving and his girlfriend produced 4 puppies, three black and one red. They are growing fine and will be going to their new homes by the end of the month. The little black boy will most likely be coming to live with dad and join Team Orange wearing the number 14 jersey.

NEW TEAM MEMBER FOR TEAM ORANGE, ANOTHER MISFIT! Number 14 is indeed Zulus’ little son, Rory. He is a solid black. He is cute!

Miss Willow leaves Team Orange. On Monday, April 12, 2021 between 2 and 3 in the afternoon Miss Willow went to play with other Team Orange members at the Rainbow Bridge.

Ohio or Bust! Leo the Roar and Zulus went to Ohio, to the 2021 National Specialty. Zulus got third place in his class and a yellow rosette and gift cards, and The Roar was in the Parade of Titleholders and got a huge rosette with his name on it.

Senior Barn Hunt Qualifier for Leo the Roar. The Roar went to a weekend barn hunt and got one leg for the Senior Title. He got a High in Class rosette, a blue ribbon and a brown Q ribbon.

Rory Shows His stuff!

Rory went to 4 shows entered in the Beginner Puppy Classes. He won breed all four times and group placements all four times. He even got a group 2 with some nice competition.

Tootsie Roll on his way to a Championship.  The brown dog at Team Orange now has 2 points towards his Championship. He has several Best of Breeds as well.

The Roar is fast at it again. The Roar decided to go for his FCAT2. He was in 4 tests and now has over 120 points to the 500 he needs for the FCAT2.


Event Leo, The Roar ZULUS RORY
RA 1
POA 2 4
CH 2
BCAT X 10.


FCAT2 The Roar completed the FCAT2 and we believe he is the FIRST ENGLISH COCKER TO DO IT!

Another Rally Champion for Team Orange. Zulus went to two Rally trials and finished the RN with a 96 and 1st Place and a 94 and 2nd Place. He got a t-shirt and a medallion.

5K and Fit as a Turkey

Rory took part in a 5K Turkey Trot. The little 9-month old puppy did great and only had to be carried for a few steps before he decided he wasn’t THAT tired-he can walk the rest of the way.

Both solid boys went to three rally trials and qualified in all six runs, 3 each. Rory completed Rally Novice (RN) and Zulus completed the Rally Intermediate (RI) titles. Zulus also placed 4th in Crystal Lake and 2nd in Oshkosh the second day of Rally.

ANOTHER RALLY TITLE  in the making for Rory. He went to some trials and is on his way to the Rally Intermediate title.

NUMBER 15, ZULUS’ COUSIN joins Team Orange. Again, she is a misfit, being a solid liver girl. A week after arrival, she still does not have  a name!

NUMBER 15 is RYA! Named after a Swedish rug weaving technique, she is a beautiful puppy!

MORE RATS FOR “THE ROAR” Leo, The Roar, went to more barn hunts and earned his second leg for the Senior Barn Hunter. One more leg to go!


FIVE new titles for Team Orange!

Rory completed the Rally Intermediate title then all four dogs went on to completing their Fit Dog Bronze titles in January.